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The Sparman Clinic
The Sparman Clinic
The Sparman Clinic


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DASAE Pharmacy opened on July 3rd, 2008, located within The Sparman Clinic.  With a wide range of prescription and over the counter drugs for adults and children, so we can meet the health and medical needs of your entire family, not just those with cardiac conditions. 

DASAE Pharmacy is designed so that you can get the best from your medicines and maintain a healthy lifestyle.At DASAE we pride ourselves on providing a prompt, efficient and friendly service with a patient centered and multidisciplinary approach to care. 

Our pharmacist is highly trained in recognizing symptoms of disease and where appropriate, recommending either treatment or referral to your doctor or other healthcare providers e.g. nurse, dietician etc.  Her knowledge of medicines, dosages, interactions and how medicines act on the body able means she is able to answer any queries you may have concerning your medication and can tell you which over the counter medicines are safe to take with your medication.



DASAE Pharmacy is managed by pharmacist Ann-Marie Carter.



Repeat medication - We keep comprehensive electronic records for all our patient medications so we know when your repeat medications are due (Please note all information is kept secure and confidential).

Procedure - To request a repeat simply call 620-4052/e-mail:

Information required:

1. Your name

2. The Rx number OR names of the medications required

3. Any allergies you have

4. Any medical conditions you have


For your convenience you can arrange to pick up your repeat prescription any time day or night at The Sparman Clinic reception desk.


For our Caribbean neighbors, you can request your repeat medication either over the phone or online and we can have it shipped to you via LIAT Quick Pak (kindly refer to our contact information).


1. Make contact with us 1 week before you require your medication

2. Register your payment details

3. List which items you require and how many months’ supply needed


*We will prepare and package your medication securely and discreetly.


**Additional charge of $50.00 BDS will be required to cover shipping costs.


At DASAE Pharmacy we understand that with a hectic lifestyle it is not always easy to remember to re-order your repeat medication. We can get in touch either via phone or e-mail 3-5 days prior to you running out to remind you that you need to pick up your repeat prescription. 


DASAE pharmacy stocks a wide variety of medications for common minor ailments, these do not require a prescription to obtain.  Over the counter medications include;
• Cold and flu remedies

• Skin conditions (cuts and burns)

• Pain relief (headaches, rheumatism , toothache…)

• Stomach discomfort (Constipation, diarrhea & tummy upset)

• Vitamin supplements 


Special discounted medication benefits are given to Barbadians.

To receive benefits the following will be required:

• Must be a resident of Barbados

• Must present a valid Barbados ID

10% discount is given to BARP Members

 15% discount is given to Golden Health Card Holders



We at DASAE Pharmacy recommend that everyone keep an up to date record of all the medications they are taking, even over the counter medications. We also recommend that you present a copy of your medical history when going for any appointments.

DASAE Pharmacy can provide you with a report outlining the medications you are taking and their dosages.  For us to do this you will need to bring us all the medications you are taking, not just those prescribed by your doctor.


Tel:      +1 246 620-4052      

Fax:     +1 246 624-3275 



            The Sparman Clinic,

            #4 6th Avenue,Belleville,

            St. Michael,